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Adirondack style – the origin of the Great Camp

March 12, 2011

Adirondack style is beauty and rustic simplicity combined.

The idea of a “great camp” was born in the area of Up-state New York, in the late 1800 folks from the city who could afford a vacation home traveled to Newport Rhode Island, or Cape Cod Massachusetts to beat the heat of the summer. Many found these surrounding to formal and sought a retreat in the woods.Rail road men and there crews found an abundance of hard and soft woods to build camps while working on the rails and moving these natural resources across the country. Timber was what they came for, but finding inexpensive land and beautiful water ways is why they stayed.

White Mountain Adirondack style - home on Loon mt.

The Original great camps were built from what ever local material was at hand. Much of the rustic style was due to the availability of Hemlock, Doulas fir, pine bark and stone quarried for the rail roads. Sleeping quarters were separated from the great hall, as was the kitchens. Some would guess this separation to be the rustic nature of building a bit at a time. In fact the food was separated from the Dinning area in case of fire this was done to prevent the living and sleeping areas from burning down due to a kitchen mishap. The small cabins were built to give the family or their workers a place to sleep while the main house was built, the guest cabins became part of a traditional Great Camp.

Birch Bark interior finish adds a rustic touch to a modern kitchen

The New Adirondack life style incorporates the rustic material when ever possible but new full time use requires modernization. The up-state New York camps of the turn of the century were mostly used as summer camps; access in the winter was too difficult to warrant regular trips to camp. Our modern Adirondack style home is well insulated, and has all the modern conveniences. In fact many of the families we build them for admit their White Mountain Home offers more than the home they go to after work five days a week. A rustic look used for all seasons is what we are looking to achieve in our designs. But A/C, stainless steel appliances and flat screens are part of the modern interior.

Texture is added with multiple types of wood siding

Riverfront and slope side locations beckon families to come and reconnect. These homes were designed to bring families together, and participate in group activities- recreational or otherwise. So few folks roast marshmallows over an open fire, drop a line from a fishing pole in the water, or hike a trail where you can’t hear an automobile for the length of your stroll – when they are at their primary home. But in the vacation or retirement home, work is set aside for face to face time. When you ride a lift, sit in a boat or hike a trail for the better part of an afternoon you talk and listen. The Adirondack life style is a tribute to simpler times and connecting with one another. Maybe that is why our clients are looking to build a “Great Camp”.

Ski to your door location - slope side at Loon mt. Lincoln NH

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